Student Opportunities


Are you an undergraduate at Rowan University and want to get involved in research with the Ruhl Lab? 

It’s easy; just start the conversation by e-mailing Dr. Ruhl!

Some current research projects are listed below.

Male Calanoid Copepod

1) Zooplankton community dynamics in reservoirs.  Zooplankton are small invertebrates that live in the water column of lentic ecosystems.  The core question we are working on now is “How do zooplankton respond to environmental variation along the lotic-lentic gradient of polymictic reservoirs?”.  Current research is focused the reservoirs of Southern NJ.

Shoal of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

2) Behavioral ecology of small fish.  Dr. Ruhl is collaborating with Dr. Scott McRobert at Saint Joseph’s University on behavioral studies of small fish.  Over the past decade we have collaboratively explored the behavior of Danio rerio (an important model organism) and published numerous studies focused on that species as well as others.  New graduate students are joining this project in Fall 2016 and opportunities exist for undergraduates at Rowan University to get involved.

3) Active-learning techniques in ecology and environmental science education.  Active learning methods are teaching methods that engage students with the course material in a non-traditional way (i.e. in a way other than lecture).  Are you interested in being a teacher?  Are you interested in community engagement or outreach activities?  If so, you might be a good fit for this project!  The goal of the project is to 1) develop new methods, 2) quantitatively assess new instructional methods relative to traditional lecture, and 3) disseminate methods that are superior to traditional lecture in terms of students learning, engagement, and information retention.

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