Current Students: Caitlyn Czajkowski, Kelsea Flood, Desiree’ Haban, Jonathan McKinnon, Jon Parise, and Callan Tweedie are Rowan University undergraduates working on a zooplankton community study in the Ruhl Lab.

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Lab member pose for Michele Gallagher from the Rowan University’s College of Science and Mathematics in front of the Parvin Lake outfall. Pictured are current undergraduates Desiree’ Haban, Caitlyn Czajkowski, Kelsea Flood, Jonathan McKinnon. Michael Grove, a collaborator, is also pictured.


Former Undergraduate Students (An * Indicates the student published their research in the peer reviewed literature):

Edmond and Tunde

Edmond Ongoro (R) and Olatunde Kuponiyi (L)

Rowan University

  • Caitlyn Czajkowski
  • Kelsea Flood
  • *Ashlei Fuller
  • Desiree’ Haban
  • Corinna LaMorte
  • Aime Lonsdorf
  • Jonathan McKinnon
  • Caitlin O’Neill
  • Jon Parise
  • *Nicole Sullivan
  • Callan Tweedie

Ohio University 

  • Derek Braun
  • *Abbey Crosby
  • *Holly DeAngelis
  • Alex Fotis
  • Greg Gaulke
  • Jessica Kauffman
  • Colin Manning
  • Jason McKinley
  • Tim Miller
  • Mitch Minadeo
  • Mark Ratchford
  • Caroline Savage
  • Roger Sikes
  • Liz Simonik
  • *Jessica Soski
  • Katelyn Turner
  • Citra Yuwono
  • Ashley Zibert


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