Undergraduate Researchers

2017-2018 Cohort: Caitlyn Czajkowski and Desiree’ Haban returned for this season and were joined by Tristan Morgan, Guy Leland, Amanda Kowalsky, O’Neil Chase, and Rachael DiMatteo.

Shift Change during 24 hour zooplankton sampling. Pictured are Caitlyn Czajkowski, Rachael DiMatteo, O’Neil Chase, and Guy Leland.

2016-2017 Cohort: Caitlyn Czajkowski, Kelsea Flood, Desiree’ Haban, Jonathan McKinnon, Jon Parise, and Callan Tweedie were instrumental in helping to design a major zooplankton study and collecting pilot data.

20160822_131622 cropped

Lab member pose for Michele Gallagher from the Rowan University’s College of Science and Mathematics in front of the Parvin Lake outfall. Pictured areĀ  Desiree’ Haban, Caitlyn Czajkowski, Kelsea Flood, Jonathan McKinnon. Michael Grove, a collaborator, is also pictured.

Presenting results from the 2016 Zooplankton pilot study at Rowan University’s STEM symposium. Pictured are Callan Tweedie, Kelsea Flood, Desiree’ Haban, and Caitlyn Czajkowski with a symposium attendee.

2015-2016 Cohort: Edmond Ongoro and Olatunde Kuponiyi conducted a zooplankton project exploring existing zooplankton data

Edmond and Tunde

Edmond Ongoro (R) and Olatunde Kuponiyi (L)

2014-2015 Cohort: Ashlei Fuller and Nicole Sullivan collaborated on a project involving convict cichlids and Nicole also contributed to a cyanobacteria project.


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