Dr. Ruhl

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CV: Updated 8 April 2016

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Growing up in southern Vermont, Dr. Ruhl spent countless hours exploring the stream behind his home and watched it change over time due to the influence of a hydroelectric dam.  Following his interest in aquatic habitats, Dr. Ruhl took up SCUBA diving as a teenager and expanded his aquatic explorations to the mountain lakes, reservoirs, and quarries of New England.  Dr. Ruhl brought his environmental interests Allegheny College, where he majored in Environmental Science and conducted his research on the effect of thermal shock on the community composition of benthic autotrophs.  After graduating Dr. Ruhl completed a research internship studying the nutrient dynamics of Pymatuning Reservoir under the direction of Dr. Andrew Turner.  Having officially caught the research bug, Dr. Ruhl completed a MS in Biology under the direction of Dr. Scott McRobert at Saint Joseph’s University before completing his PhD studies under the direction of Drs Warren Currie and Willem Roosenburg at Ohio University.  Dr. Ruhl joined the faculty of Rowan University in 2013.


Dr. Ruhl deploying a towed sensor array to monitor water quality in a small reservoir

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