“Shade Balls” deployed to fight evaporation in CA

Drastic times call for drastic measures.  With Southern California experiencing a record drought, state and local governments are partnering with water suppliers to come up with alternatives to conserve water.  Personally, I think relocating to not-a-desert might be a better long-term solution to water scarcity in Southern California, but that’s just me.

One of the implemented measures to stem the water crisis is to dramatically deploy millions of “Shade Balls” into drinking-water reservoirs in order to shade/cool the water, reduce evaporation, and to help control secondary chemical reactions caused by storing chlorinated water.  The balls are plastic and partially filled with water in order to reduce their profile and keep wind from pushing them around too much.  They have been used in industrial applications since at least 2008, so here’s to hoping they are safe for drinking-water applications.  More information about the “conservation balls” can be found at the link below, but please note that the rosy assessment provided in the link is from a trade-publication.


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